How Much Do Tree Trimming Services Cost?

Trimming trees can give your home or garden a more elegant appearance and has several other benefits. Keeping trees trimmed is an important task because over time, they can become unproductive and overgrown trees with weak stems can even fall, causing damage. Although tree trimming costs may be high, the benefits are well worth it.

Why Tree Trimming is Important

  • Keeps trees healthy and strong
  • Reduces the risk of broken or dead branches falling and causing damage
  • Increases foliage growth and tree productivity
  • Improves the appearance of your home by shaping the trees in a beautiful way

Factors To Consider

The cost of tree trimming depends on several factors such as:

  • Size and type of the trees
  • Location and accessibility of the trees
  • The expertise of the tree trimming professional
  • Homeowner’s design requirements
  • Last time the trees were trimmed
  • Tree health
  • Whether you choose to hire a professional or trim the trees yourself

Tree Type and Size Matters

Small shrubs can be trimmed easily, but larger trees should only be trimmed by professional tree trimmers due to potential dangers. If you choose to trim shrubs yourself, handheld trimmers can cost between $25 and $300 or you can opt to hire them.

The size and type of the trees play a significant role in the cost of trimming. Different trees have unique characteristics, such as wood hardness, height, growth patterns, branch number, and spread, that affect the cost of trimming. Tall trees that require climbing or special equipment cost more to trim.

Your General Location

The location and accessibility of the trees also impact the cost. Trees near buildings or power lines are more expensive to trim as the trimmer must exercise caution to avoid damage to the building or power lines.

Homeowners who want their trees trimmed to a specific design may incur higher costs, especially if the design is new. Trees that are in an unhealthy condition, such as those with yellow leaves, also cost more to trim as the trimmer must take extra care. Similarly, trees that haven’t been trimmed in a long time are more expensive to trim. Professional tree trimmers with a reputation for high-quality work may charge more.

The Cost of Trimming Trees

Some tree trimming professionals charge by the hour, with rates ranging from $40 to $75 per hour. This does not include clearing charges and the total cost will depend on the duration of the trimming and any additional work needed.

The Cost of Removing a Tree

The cost of removing a tree varies based on factors such as your location and the scope of the job, but on average, you can expect to pay between $420 and $900. Comparing estimates from local professionals is recommended to get an idea of regional pricing trends and discuss your options.

Additional Costs

Other costs to consider include tree trunk removal, stump removal, limb chipping, travel expenses, and log splitting. A professional tree trimming service will already have the necessary equipment and it is usually more cost-effective and safer to go with a professional rather than attempting to trim trees yourself.

If you have the experience and prefer to trim trees yourself, here is an estimate of equipment costs you may need:

  • Heavy-duty gas tree trimmer rental: $48-$52+
  • Safety gear: $50-$100
  • Climbing gear: $200-$500
  • Pruning saw: $20-$50.

Get Some Free Quotes To Compare

It’s always recommended to compare estimates from various supplies so that you can get an idea of how much tree services cost in your area. This will also give you a chance to discuss your options with different professionals and get a better understanding of their expertise, which can help you select the right service provider.