Why is Literacy Important in Modern Society?

modern societyThere is nothing quite like the satisfaction of slamming shut a newly finished novel. No feeling parallels the pleasure one gets from cracking open a new book. The world of literacy offers so much to mankind that it can often be easy to forget the many reasons literacy is important in modern society. This article offers a quick look at the many reasons literacy affects modern life and why it truly matters!

Literacy provides a means to channel new thoughts with your imagination. When you read a book, you acquire the knowledge to associate your imaginings with new ideas. For example, you may have never thought about what a medieval castle looks like, but a good book can spark some thoughts.

Reading often engages the mind to think ahead. When you first start reading a novel, with enough practice, you will find yourself picking up foreshadowing clues to help you think towards the future. The more you read, the more you start to understand literary clues and meanings. Reading helps evolve the mind and promote education.

Literacy provides the means to understand new subjects and discover new worlds. Factual and non-fiction books are able to provide facts about everyday life and new scientific discoveries. You won’t believe the things you have never heard of or seen until you reach for a new book.

Nothing brings the family together like reading time. If you work a lot or don’t have a lot of time to spend with your children, an hour a day spent reading together can be vital to their development. Choose an enticing book to share with your family members and get them interested in reading.

Modern society isn’t as technical in terms of reaching for books as it once was, but there are plenty of reasons literacy is still important. This article has helped you discover some of the reasons why literacy transforms society and even families.