Why a Chiropractor is Good After an Accident

Even though I have had this same body for nearly 30 years, I never took the time to really understand it. I was happy enough just doing things without understanding how I am able to do those things. I got quite the education though when I was in a car wreck. I was feeling disoriented enough to go to the hospital to be checked out. Other than some bruising, the X-rays did not show any damage. The doctor did tell me that I would probably want to contact a chiropractor in Redding CA since that is where I am from, because I would more than likely feel worse before I would feel better.

Since there was no obvious injury to my body, I really did not understand that. That is when he explained that as the hours go on, the tissue in my body is going to become more irritated and the inflammation will get worse. That is why most accident victims feel okay one day, but then they feel the brunt of the accident the next day or even later in the week. It is a lot for the body to process, and it is also a timely process.

When I got back home, the first thing I did was look up chiropractors online. I wanted to get into see one as soon as possible, because I could already feel the stiffness settling in. The hospital doctor had also explained how the chiropractor I would see would use adjustments to help alleviate the pressure that was on the affected nerves, and that would allow my body to start getting better. I am really glad that I was able to get into a chiropractor’s practice first thing the next morning, because I was definitely feeling worse then. It did not take long before I was feeling much better again though!