What is the Best Meal Replacement?

I have been working out a little more lately, because I need to lose about fifteen to twenty pounds. It is going to take a good deal of time and a very great deal of discipline for me to take the weight off. At the moment I am thinking about trying a meal replacement plan and reading things like Ideal shake reviews and that sort of thing. Of course I am already looking at ways to cut the calorie intake. There are different things that you need to understand about eliminating calories, first off the easiest thing to do is what I have done already. I stopped drinking sweet tea and soda, which when you think about is just a ridiculously quick and simple way to get fewer empty calories. If you drink a glass of water, then that has no calories in it and it is just as wet as the soda is. There are hundreds of calories in it if you drink sweetened drinks all day long and there is no gain from it.

Right now I am not in the greatest shape so I do not want to get too crazy about exercise. Aside from that my knee is messed up from a traffic accident about three months ago, that really contributed to my recent weight gains. I am thinking that the best thing would be cycling and that is going to be the easy way to do things. However I am thinking that for now a stationary bike is going to be the real way to proceed. In the near future it is going to be cold and obviously there are going to be rainy days. Aside from that I lack time and daylight for this, so a bike in the garage would be more useful than one that needs a road.