We Needed to Be in the Right School District and Close to Mass Transit

Choosing a place to live is probably the biggest financial decision any family can make. Even if you find the most perfect place with all of the fancy amenities that you want, it may be in a district where you do not want to send your children to school. For us, school choice was also a big deal. We were excited then we found out where The New Futura condo towers were being built. It was right in the area we wanted to live.

Their website is at www.thenewfuturacondo.com.sg. Also, if you know anything about Singapore, you know that individual car ownership is expensive. Since we are an island nation with limited space, citizens are encouraged to use the massive public transit system. To own a car you need to buy a permit. It is not cheap. However, we have a permit for a car, and we own one. We wanted to have underground parking, and The New Futura condominium project has that. Plus, we wanted to be close to a major mass transit rail system so that we could easily walk to the station.

We do not always use our car. It is a freedom thing that we enjoy, but our daily work commute is most often by mass transit. It is part of the culture here, so pretty much everyone gets used to it from youth. Personally, I like driving. I like the freedom of it. I actually prefer waiting in traffic than waiting on a platform for a subway. I like my personal space, and I like being able to blast my music from my stereo system in the car and be able to sing along as I drive. I can’t do that on the subway or a bus. Still, to save money, I will use mass transit close to The New Futura condo we bought.

Speaking of personal space, I really like the very large swimming pools here at our condo. Even on crowded days you can find a personal space in the pools. I like the giant lap pool behind the tower structures. The pool is longer than the amount of space the towers take up on the ground. Plenty of room to swim all the laps you want.