Visiting a Friend in Singapore

I went to visit a friend who lived in Singapore and he invited me to stay with him at Boulevard 88. I was fine getting a hotel room, but he insisted that I stay with him. I’m glad I did, because I liked being there, and I think I had more fun there than I would have had at a hotel room. My friend lived in a large condo and it was practically like having his own home inside of a building. I always wondered why my friend never felt like coming back after moving to Singapore, but after being in his condo, I can see why.

There was a restaurant that my friend loved to eat at, and he suggested we go there for dinner. Since my friend had gone there so many times, the staff knew his name and practically knew what he was going to order. I’ve never really been to a restaurant enough consecutive times to become on a first name basis with the people working there, but it seems to be kind of a nice feeling. There’s a friendliness in the air that comes from knowing everyone who works there, and I think it translates into how the food is prepared and how it tastes.

After going to dinner, my friend and I walked around, as I wanted to see more of the area where he lived. I fell in love with it, and my friend suggested that I move to Singapore, just like he did. While I did like the idea of moving there, I would have to get a new job, and I would have to save some more money to prepare for the move. It was something to think about for the future, but for now, I can just dream about it.