The Perfect House for Our Family

When my husband was given an incredible work opportunity in Palo Alto, we knew that we were going to take it. We already had a buyer interested in our home, so I started looking at Palo Alto homes for sale the same day my husband was given the offer. I knew that I would see the home that was meant for us as soon as I saw it. I thought I would have to go through dozens of homes before finding one I wanted to see in person, but it actually did not take that long.

We have two children, so I wanted a home that had a nice yard so they would be able to play in it. I also wanted a yard that had privacy. I did not care if this meant a fence all the way around or landscaping that would give us the privacy that we like. As soon as I saw a home on Heather Drive that had a nice yard, I knew I wanted to see more. The yard is absolutely beautiful with a section with a nice garden but plenty of yard for the kids to play in as well.

There is a nice patio in the back where I will be able to sit and watch them play if I am not right out there with them. Another thing that I really like about this house is that it has a guest cottage in it. It includes a bed, table, and a small kitchen as well as a bathroom. It will be perfect for anyone coming to visit us. There is not one thing about the house that I did not like, which is why we flew out that weekend to take a look at it. It is now home, and life is better than I ever could have imagined.