The House is Not Ready Yet

We still have a bit of stuff to do and things were not helped by the guys who were doing sewer cleaning in Essex county today. If the trucks had come here a bit earlier then I would have been able to get things done, although I might have been trapped in here. They had the road and especially the driveway blocked exactly when those guys showed up with the material and the little excavator that I needed. I probably could have gotten the excavator past them, but the thing is not really much use without the materials that I needed to lay down the bed for the pavers that I am going to use for a huge patio. That part of the yard has a lot of shade and soil that is not much good for growing anything, so I decided that the best thing was just to turn it into a big patio with a basketball goal on one end and a big deck with a wrap around porch.

The guy I am working for is a musician, he spends a good deal of time out on the road in normal times, but when he is home he likes to make music with his friends. He was talking about getting an outdoor kitchen until he learned exactly what that would cost him. I certainly could have done that and I am going to fix it so that he can do it if he wants to spend the money in future. He did get me to put in a big grill that sits in stone work. I finished that yesterday and I liked the job so much it made me want to put one in for myself. He has a place where he plans to put in one of those keg refrigerators.