The Air Conditioning Broke Down

Of course this would have been a lot more convenient if it had waited another month and a half until the end of summer. However it has not and I am trying to figure out what it will cost to hire someone who does repair on hvac in NYC. I am trying to figure out what happened to my pal Lenny, who used to work in the field. Of course he would have been more than willing to have come and helped me out on the side. That of course means that he would be more than happy to fix my problem so long as we did not involve the IRS in the matter. Of course that is of no relevance to me. It is not going to help me one bit to make him pay taxes on the job, although it may be possible to finance the work if you have someone else do it. That may be something I would need to think about.

It is pretty obvious that you do not gain anything by having the IRS involved. It is going to be something like two fifths more like that and I would be happy to save that money if I could. However the fact is that I think Lenny has moved someplace else. Last I heard he was married to a girl who made a lot more money than he did and she was moving around a lot. I would guess that he has followed her some other place. I am thinking about whether or not I can sweat it out until the summer goes away. Right now the money is not going to be there for a repair job that costs me as much as I am thinking that this is going to cost me.