Storm Damage Kept the Tree Service Companies Busy

I have lived on the east coast all my life. I have been through some pretty wild storms, but the craziest one was just last year here in North Carolina. We were getting the aftereffects of a southern hurricane, and the storms were the worst I had ever been through. I typically don’t get scared, but this one frightened me pretty bad. I had a huge oak tree in the yard, and the storm uprooted it! I knew that I was going to have to employ a tree services in Asheville NC to help me remove it from my property.

Thankfully, it was not blocking my driveway. It fell the other way so my truck was spared. It would have been crushed because the tree is just massive in size. I had to go out and take pictures of it because it was just unbelievable that this sturdy and strong tree was treated as if it was a toothpick by this storm. To see the tree on its side, and the grass and roots many feet in the air shows just how bad this storm was, how unmerciful it was.

I knew that all tree services in the area were going to be busy for a while because of how many trees came down from the storm. I did not mind being put on the back burner because mine was not an urgent need like so many others. I still appreciated it though when the tree service I hired kept me in the loop. They were actually at my place a few days earlier than they had estimated, which just proves how hard they were all working to clean up the storm damage. They had the tree chopped up and moved out in no time. I am still debating on what to do with the stump, but I suspect I will have them back out here soon to remove that too.