Started Working out Our Monthly Budget

Jackie and I have figured out most of the details of buying this house, although it has been a bit of an ordeal to be honest. There are all sorts of things that you have to figure out when you are buying a house for the first time. A lot of them involve little hidden costs that you were not counting on to begin with. At the moment we are thinking about our monthly costs and what we can afford and what we have to do with out. Right now we are weighing whether or not an adt security plan is going to be a good value for us, of course it all comes down to what you pay and what you get. They have a pretty nice set up if you are willing to pay for it, especially the smart locks and the ability to talk to people at your front door via smart phone. For example if there’s a UPS man at the front door with a package I can open the door for him and let him sit the box down in the foyer, then lock the door back after he pulls it shut. I am not sure that you really want to do that, since not every guy who wears a UPS uniform is a driver for them. In this case he would most likely not do any wrong since he would know that you have him on video. Since he would be very likely to get caught, that is not the sort of crime that he would be apt to commit. Some criminals are fools, but the ones who are likely end up behind iron bars pretty soon. There is not much profit in doing a crime for which you are nearly certain to be punished for.