Started a Big Project in South Carolina

I was not really sure that I was ready to move in with Sheila, but I definitely was willing to let her Mom and Dad pay the rent instead of me. She has a really nice place, a two bedroom apartments near North Charleston SC. It is not ideally located for me, it takes me about twenty five minutes to get to where I need to be in the morning, but of course the cost of the gas is not too big of a deal when you weigh it against the money that I save from not paying rent. I was probably not wise to tell the guys at work about it, they have not stopped talking trash about it ever since they learned. Obviously it is not something that you want to do on principle, but I can use the relief from my debts. I figure that I can take all of the money I was paying for my place and put it on my student loans and the credit card debt I piled up when I was looking for a job after graduation.

The job itself is something that I have not really done before, at least I have never been in charge of an entire project this size. I have done most of the individual components of the task, but the whole thing is a big deal and the hard part is going to be dealing with all sorts of subcontractors whom I have no experience with. The boss does not know them either, and that makes me wonder how well he looked at them before he accepted their bids. Obviously anyone can win the bid on a job, but if you are smart you do not always take the low bid. You take the best one from someone who can do what they say they can.