Replacing the Old Cheap Coffee Maker

Most of my counter top kitchen appliances have malfunctioned in the past year. I bought most of them for cheap prices at a local store, and they were made by brands that I’ve never heard of before. I suppose that should have been a warning sign that the products probably wouldn’t last a long time, but I was low on cash and needed to have these items. When my coffee maker broke, I went to Cuppabean to find one that was a bit higher in quality. I can live without somethings, but I refuse to live without a working coffee maker.

I’ve made coffee in the past by boiling water on the stove and pouring it through a drip spout with a filter inside of it. While I was able to do it, it wasn’t the most convenient method for making coffee. Waiting for the water to boil was annoying and watching the coffee drip through the filter just made the process slow down even more. The whole process of making it really put me out of the mood for having coffee. It was cheaper than having a machine, but I still didn’t want to deal with that entire process.

Now that I have a working coffee maker again, I can replace the rest of the items that are in my kitchen. My toaster has been doing this weird thing where I can’t get it to start unless I hold the plug before I turn it on. I think there is some kind of short in the power cord, and I would be open to taking the toaster apart and putting in a new cord, but that would be a bit of hassle. It would be easier to just find a newer toaster that works better than the old one ever did.