Relocating to a New Area for Work

In the next few weeks I will be relocating to Georgia for work. I am really excited to be starting this next chapter of my life. I’m from California, so I know that it will be really big change. I’ve tried to prepare myself by researching real estate in the area. Specifically, I’ve been looking for an apartment for rent in Marietta GA. The city is close to my new work location, and I’ve learned that it’s also a very nice place to live.

I’ve been searching for apartments in the area for a while, and I think I’ve finally decided on a property that works for me. When I began reviewing apartments in the area, I knew that I wanted to live somewhere that had a lot of amenities. It was really important to me that they had laundry facilities, because I go through a lot of clothes. I have close that I wear for work, close they were to the gym, and close that I wear for shopping. If I had to lug all of those close to a laundromat, that would be very inconvenient. So, making sure that my new apartment has laundry on-site is a priority.

Air-conditioning was another factor I consider when searching for apartments. Living in this region of the country, it can get really warm during the summer. Not just warm, but extremely humid. That’s why I decided early on that I absolutely must have air-conditioning in my apartment. Moving from a cooler climate to an extremely warm client makes this a necessity. I think that even on regular days I’ll be sweating. It’s reassuring to know that the apartment and considering does include air-conditioning. The next step in my process is for me to take a virtual tour of the property. I plan on sitting down when I have time and going through all of the photos and floor plans in order to familiarize myself with the property.