Reaching Productivity Goals with a Mobile App

I had a great idea to build up morale as well as productivity so I went to my boss about it. We had used an app development team in the past to design us in-house apps, which is what gave me the idea that I had. There was not an issue with our productivity at the time but I knew that we were entering into a tough season within our market where it may be harder to make the sales that we needed to make. We always have great incentive prizes to get the teams amped up to work harder, and I thought a scavenger hunt app would be a really cool way to do it this time.

We are comprised of a lot of competitive people, and none of us mind a little friendly competition between us either. I thought that the scavenger hunt could be done via an app. Every time a sales goal is reached, another level on the scavenger hunt is unlocked. Everyone would have the app on their work provided phones, so the clues would be right at their fingertips as soon as each person reached their own personal goals.

The prizes would be shown at different levels on the app too. Rather than just have one person win it all, I thought it would be nice to have several really nice prizes that would keep people interested even after the first person has won. I approached my boss with the idea, and he connected me with the app team right away. He liked the idea, and he wanted to put this into play as quickly as possible. The app development team went above and beyond expectations, and everyone is currently having fun doing their scavenger hunt on the mobile app. I don’t think we are going to have a problem with productivity this year!