Parc Life is Better Than I Expected

When I first saw the site plan for Parc Life, I was truly impressed. I love the area that it is located in, mainly because it is right next to Canberra Park. That is not the only reason though. The location makes Parc Life so convenient to a lot of other things too, including the hospital, the mall, and just about anything else that a person or family could want or need. It is real close to the MRT as well, which is only a few minutes walk away. This makes the location even better since most anything can be accessed via the MRT.

With everything that is offered at Parc Life, there really isn’t even a need for me to want to go anywhere for days at a time. The amenities include eight different spa experiences, and I was so happy to read about all of them on the official site for the development of Parc Life. I think my favorite one is going to be the Rain Spa, because there are few things better in life than a walk in a very soft rain, from my perspective anyway.

I was also able to look at the various floor plans, and I knew that finding one that I like for myself and my family was not going to be difficult. While there are just the three of us right now, I knew that my wife and I wanted to give our year old son a couple of little brothers or sisters. Because of that, I looked at the five bedroom units and was really impressed with what I saw with it. I knew that we would end up somewhere really nice, because development companies are really creative anymore, but even this is beyond what I would have expected in my future home!