Our Libraries Are a Tool to Stamp out Illiteracy

Perth Modernians SocietyThe nations libraries should be used as a training ground for literacy. There is no need for anyone to suffer not knowing how to read or write. It is appalling that there still exists quite a significant number of people in the US who cannot read or write. School systems are pressed more and more to get students through on a time schedule. It does not work that way for every single student. The goal is to catch illiteracy in our children and do something about it. It is always harder to teach an adult something that should be learned in childhood.

It is easy for a child to learn several languages if he or she is exposed to listening to them, speaking them, reading them and writing them from infancy on. It is tough for an adult to learn the rudiments of a single foreign language once the hard wiring of the brain is established. The libraries are filled with books and classrooms where projects are always going on. It would be great to see a national push organized to use the fantastic resource of libraries to stamp out illiteracy.

There are training workshops and opportunities for those who would like to tutor people. However, there is no nationally effective promotional campaign or the funds to get such a large program working. It is needed now more than ever. More of use who have learned to read and write cursive in school are astounded to find out that teenagers cannot write in cursive nor read it. Language is evolving to use a predominant amount of geographically isolated slang. Internet-speak is common now. It is a decline in verbal and written communication skills.

A person in their forties who can read, write and speak at the standard twelfth grade level is now looked at oddly by many because of the “big words” they use. That is sad to an infinite degree. Literacy is the only way to stem the tide of these changes.