New Shower Doors Because of a Baseball

My kids were playing ball in the house, something they know they are not allowed to do. I understand though because my bothers and I used to do the same thing. Fortunately for us, we never broke anything that could get us in a lot of trouble. Unfortunately for my sons, they did. They were throwing a baseball in the bathroom for some unknown reason when it hit the shower doors and cracked them. They told me right away, and even offered to pay for new shower doors in NJ, which I thought was mighty big of them considering their allowance was only a few bucks a week.

My wife and I did not laugh about it at first, but we do now. She likes to tell the story of how she finally got the bathroom she wanted because of our future MLB players. What she meant by that was we ended up replacing more than just the shower doors. We got a new shower enclosure, a sink, and even a heated towel rack, which is something she has wanted since I have known her. Our contractor was able to do all of it other than the shower doors, but he recommended a company that specializes in them.

We went to their website and looked at everything they had available. I was surprised at how many different door designs there are. I have just always thought of plain glass doors that slide, but my eyes were opened to a whole new world of shower doors on their website. We picked out the one that we liked, or rather my wife picked out the one she liked! I had to agree that it was nice though, really nice, so we went ahead and made the arrangements to have the new shower doors installed. Also, our boys never played ball in the house again without even being told!