My Personal Outlook on Improving Body Aesthetics

Looking good and feeling good go together. It is not something you can measure to the point of being able to program it as an algorithm either. A person wanting to look better may already look fine to other people, but the person may perceive a flaw in their looks others do not even notice. Maybe someone wants a smaller nose or a more rounded jawline. Maybe someone is not happy with breast size or the shape of one’s cheekbones. Individual aesthetic in Singapore can vary from individual to individual. There are some cultural norms that are expected for men and women, then there are the personal ideas of what constitutes beauty and perfection for one’s body size and shape.

There are people with dark eyes that want light blue. There are people with green eyes who want brown. Most of the time it is not an issue to the point that it really bothers a person, but there are some body aesthetics that can be off from one’s personal ideal that do bother a person quite a bit. For example, my small chest size runs in our family. My sister does not care, and my mother says she just deals with it. I wanted to look differently, so I did something about it. My cousin got a nose job, and I have a friend at work that had her jawline reshaped.

In the grand scheme of things it does not matter. I know that. I just decided that I had the means and was willing to accept any risks of surgery to get the look that no exercise, eating right or anything else could give me. I like how I look now, not that I hated how I looked before. It is just an improvement. A personal self-improvement that I wanted more than I needed.