My Daughter Picked out Our Apartment

When I won custody of my daughter, I knew that we were both going to have to make a lot of adjustments. I also knew that we were both willing to do this as this was a long fight that we were both happy to see an end to. I looked at several different apartment complexes, and I was really happy with one over all the others. When I showed my daughter the 2 bedroom Stone Oak apartments, she was so excited. It was really nice seeing her that happy again! I told her to look at all the different floor plans for the two bedroom units, and we would take whichever one she liked the best.

She is 15 years old, so I knew she would like this level of involvement in finding our new home. I wasn’t even surprised when I saw the two bedroom unit she picked out. It has a nice sized garage, which really impressed me. It also has a dining room that is not part of the living room, and the kitchen is big enough for both of us to work in there together.

It has two full bathrooms, and each one is attached to a bedroom. That is what made me smile the most. She picked the unit where the bedrooms could not be further apart. I knew she wanted her privacy, and I was fine with this. I even told her to take the master bedroom because it has a bigger closet and the bathroom is just for that bedroom alone rather than for guest use. It also has a garden tub that I knew she would enjoy a lot. We have settled in here quite nicely, and I am looking forward to getting to know my daughter even better since this is the first time we have lived full time together since she was a small child!