My Chiropractor Visit After a Bad Fall

I had a really bad slip and fall accident last year it was pretty embarrassing for me. As soon as I fell on the puddle of water in the grocery store, everyone heard me scream and ran over to where I was. It hurt so bad that I seriously thought that I had broken my back. Fortunately, nothing was broken, but I’ve had really intense back pain ever since that incident. The person handling my case sent me to Peoria chiropractors. They’ve been really great at making me feel like there’s a glimmer of hope and that I will recover one day.

I can remember my very first chiropractor visit vividly. I was in excruciating pain, and my friend had to help me get out of the car and walk into the office. I really didn’t want to be there, not because I didn’t want treatment, but because it was so painful to have to get in and out of the car and then walk into the office. My friend kept telling me that would be worth it, and that the doctors would make me feel better by the time the visit was over. In that moment, I thought my friend was just giving me words of encouragement to make me feel better. I didn’t know that she would be right.

I wouldn’t say that I was skeptical, but the pain I was in wasn’t a joking matter. I thought that it would take surgery or something extreme like that in order to make me feel better. I didn’t know that a simple visit the chiropractor would have such a positive impact on my condition. I was in that office for less than an hour, and by the time I left, I felt comfortable enough to walk back to the car on my own. It was a great experience.