Manual for Using Ipile Software

I am working on a new project at my job, and it is a type of project that I have not worked on before in my 15 years at this job. In fact, I have not analyzed a problem like this since I was an undergraduate in Civil Engineering, so I am a bit unfamiliar with what I need to do. No matter, I am going to figure it out. First, I need to find a lpile manual that I can use to help me to learn how to use this software to help me with the project.

I am really glad that we have this software, because even if I do not know how to use it yet, learning how to use it is going to be a lot easier for me than it would be to learn how to solve the underlying mathematical problems used in modeling the issue at hand. I am trying to figure out the load transfer across a pile under a very specific set of circumstances, and it I will need to know the details of this analysis very precisely in order to establish precise safety margins for the construction project that is to follow the completion of this project.

I have never really been tasked with dealing with piles or the stresses that they encounter, as I kind of already mentioned above. Well, I mentioned that I was not familiar with using this software, or dealing with this type of problem in my professional career. But I only later explained what the nature of the problem was. Anyway, I am starting to ramble a bit here, and I really need to focus. I am going to try to find the manual for this software, so I can get to learning how it works.