Love the Way You Kept My Home Perfect

Since I was only going to be in Singapore for six to eight months, I was renting a short term rental condo near my new job, I knew I would be too busy to clean. I went online to find a cleaning service; my company actually recommend it to me. I did a Google search for home cleaning services in Singapore. It is not that I couldn’t clean; I just didn’t want to spend any free time I had cleaning. I know with my job was going to keep me busy, but when I wasn’t busy I wanted to do sightseeing and explore the area. I was very excited about the shopping possibilities. My family was excited that I could find them some great gifts for Christmas too. I have to admit getting my shopping done for the holiday was exciting for me too.

Finding your website was easier than I thought it would be. I wasn’t sure if there would be many cleaning services that would be willing to do such a short term contract. Money was not a issue, because my company said they would cover the costs, I just needed to find someone I was comfortable with. It is important to feel comfortable with people who come into your safe space, your home.I knew right away I would be happy with your service, right after the first visit. I was so pleased with the way they cleaned the house. I was right my job was keeping me very busy, so cleaning was not going to happen if I had to do it. Also, thanks to your help I was able to shop and enjoy the city. There is so much to see and do in Singapore and thanks to you I was able to enjoy it all.