Learn the Importance of User Interfaces for Web Design

I needed to take a user experience design course in order to better understand my job as a web designer. I learned how to code several years ago when my job became redundant, and started freelancing in web design as a way to make some money while I transitioned to a different career field. What I didn’t understand at the time is that web designing would become my new career. I became quite adept at building websites for various concerns. I’ve built everything from big business websites to sites for educational institutions. I’ve even built some unique blogs for a few friends.

I excelled at building traditional sites, but the strong move to mobile devices such as phones and tablets started to concern me as a designer. The problem is that the user interface for mobile devices is quite different from traditional sites you access using a desktop or laptop computer. In fact, the most important thing for a mobile device is the user interface. It’s all about it because the user of the device is actively interacting with their fingers, either by swiping or tapping. No one does that on a laptop (although Microsoft wants to move in that direction and it won’t work in my opinion).

So I found a school where I could take a course in user experience design just to see if I could glean some additional information that would make my web design better and at the very least more effective. I also thought I would get more jobs if I could actively tout that I build mobile designs. I strongly suspect the things I will learn in this course will become my primary means of building websites over the next couple of years. How could it be any other way with the increasing shift to mobile applications?