In This City You Must Protect Your Own

Why did I call ADT in San Antonio a few months after moving here? Because I looked at the crime statistics. Do a search online for my fine city and you’ll quickly discover some very disturbing information about this Texas city. I found a site that says the crime in this city is one of the highest in the country. They gave the city a rating of three on a crime index. One hundred is the safest. A three! The criminals here specialize in rape, violent assaults, and manslaughter and that’s just for starters. The murder rate is sky high as well.

Why would I live here? I got a job transfer and I absolutely love the company I work for and refuse to quit. It’s as simple as that. They pay me enough money that I can afford to live in a nicer area of the city, but that has positives and negatives. The latter means a lot of criminals come out here looking to commit burglaries because they know we have nice stuff that is worth a lot of money. This being Texas it’s always nice to know that most people are heavily armed, but it also means the criminals are as well.

I decided to get some added protection. Having a gun is fine, but what if you’re not home when they show up for a little criminal fun? That gun isn’t going to protect your house if you’re not there. That’s why I called ADT and got the best home security system they offer. They came out to install and man are they good. They made sure all the angles of my house are covered. They noticed areas outside that would provide good cover for a criminal to approach the house and made sure that would be monitored. I already feel a lot safer.