I Was Feeling Very Tired All the Time

I did not know anything about TCM in Singapore, but I was committed to learning as much as I could online. The reason for this is because I had not been feeling well, and my regular doctor could not find anything wrong with me. I was just tired all the time, and I tried different things that my doctor suggested to no avail. He was not overly concerned because all my lab tests came back okay, but I was not satisfied with just doing nothing. I had heard good things about TCM, and I decided to research it further.

I had read about acupuncture helping with fatigue, but I was concerned about the pain of having that many needles stuck into my skin. I need not have worried though because it was not painful at all. When I went to the TCM Clinic, the doctor talked with me about what was going on. The first thing he wanted to do was acupuncture, and he seemed pretty confident of its ability to help me. He also told me that I should stop drinking as many cold beverages and eating cold foods since he asked me what I eat on a regular basis.

Another thing he wanted me to do was try some herbal supplements. That is the part that I was most hopeful for because I had heard good things about supplements, such as ginseng, to help treat people with fatigue. He also told me that I should rest, which I thought was funny until he explained it. Fatigue does not make the pressures of life stop. It just makes them harder to deal with and overcome. By getting the proper rest, I am actually allowing my body to recuperate rather than try to stay busy while fighting through the feelings of fatigue. A combination of all those things is what finally helped me conquer my fatigue issues!