I Needed to Become More Experienced at What I Do

I went to a small business seminar because I felt like I was struggling as the CEO of a small business. I have no business degree, and I really had no experience with managing people. I feel like I got myself in over my head, but I have been determined to keep pushing until I learn more. I am not interested in giving up without a fight. You have to try, not give up. One of the things I learned at the seminar is that you must have a dynamic website. I used the folks over at massiveinfinity.com to help me with that. I really hoped that they could do what my own employees had been unable to do, which was to create something that would cause site visitors to want to buy what we offer.

I learned so much at the seminar. It was held at a local hotel and was put on by city officials. I viewed it as a chance to network as well. I want the ability to talk to other people who are in the same position as me so that we can learn from one another and maybe help one another better the companies that we own. I found out that a lot of other people feel the same way that I do. I made sure to pass out my business card to quite a few people I met that day. Some of us have decided that we are going to put together a small business owners meetng every month where we can all get together and share and learn once per month.

So, the site that was created for me has more than been a blessing. It is keeping people interested. I see now that it is a good way to market your company. It was worth the money that I paid for it, and I think that the number of people it will bring in will be more than worth it.