I Just Got Home from the Party

It was like a bachelor party, except that it was the opposite of that. Kevin was not getting married, although he seemed to have come really close to it before he got caught creeping around with a red head who claimed to be a lingerie model. The word I got is that she was from a Las Vegas escorts service and that Lily’s father had hired her to get caught in the act. I am not sure that I believe that or not, but Kevin is back to being as wild as a man could be. Not coincidentally he went to Las Vegas to celebrate his break up. He probably made up the story about the escort, I do not think it would have so much variability if it were the straight truth and nothing but the truth. Instead he seems to have invented it to explain how he lost two girls in the same instant, without mentioning that both simultaneously learned he had another girl.

Of course the party went on for about three days in total and I suspect that Kevin’s trust fund took a great deal of damage in the process. He got a job with one of his family’s companies and it pays him a ton of money while not really requiring him to even show up. I asked one of the people there what he did and all I got was a shrug. He said that they thought he got paid to be the grandson of the chairman of the board. That would probably not work in a lot of companies, but I do not think that anyone on the board is not related to him in some way. In fact most of the others actually show up for the jobs they get paid to do though.