I Have Been Reading an Underground Paper

I know of course the truth is that a lot of people want to act on their fantasies and not all of them fall into the normal. I was not very surprised when I ran into this ad for a couple looking for female for a threesome in an underground newspaper. Of course they were trying pretty hard to keep their solicitation on the legal side. Of course it is pretty easy for a man to be looking for a threesome with his wife or girlfriend and another woman. That really skips all of the issues a guy like me would have with the concept of a threesome. I would definitely not want to share my girlfriend with another man, but on the other hand I would be very happy to allow my girlfriend to share me with another woman, assuming that she was attractive obviously. It is a double standard, but that is just the sort of guy that I am.

In fact that is a rather mild thing compared to some of the really strange things that people are in to. The strangest thing I know of personally is this guy I went to college with, he nearly killed himself while experimenting with something called auto erotic asphyxiation, which involves choking yourself while you masturbate. It is supposed to be really great when you read about it from it’s proponents, but it is obviously very dangerous and something that you may well botch in a very permanent fashion. Obviously it involves restricting the air supply to your body and in case no one told you before, well you really need to have oxygen if you want to live. A lot of the other fetishes are dangerous in some ways, but I do not know of any that are quite so life threatening.