I Had the Trip of a Lifetime with My Friends

I invited several of my girlfriends over for brunch one day, and we began talking about some things we should all do together. We end up on agreeing to visit another country, and then next thing I know we were in Singapore just weeks later. The very first thing that we chose to do there was to get a manicure and pedicure in Singapore at this quaint little spa that we stumbled across. Going to a nail salon was something that we often did together back home, and we thought it would be interesting to try it in a place that was so new to us.

As someone who had never been out of my own state, being in another country was nothing short of amazing to me. There was so much to take in everywhere that I looked in my new surroundings. From the moment that we left the airport, my head swiveled back and forth as I craned my neck to look out of the taxi windows at everything. I had heard that the country was beautiful at night, and I could not wait to see the city bathed in shimmery lights after sundown. I wanted to do as many things as possible with my friends while there.

On the first morning that we arrived, we all got up early. We were staying in a beautiful high-rise hotel in the middle of the city. I opened the balcony, stepped outside and then marveled at the city laid out in front of me. We all decided to go for breakfast together. The hotel we were staying in seemed to offer a great breakfast spread, but we were eager to explore new places and try foods that were foreign to us. Every restaurant we went to during our trip was fantastic, and it prompted me to purchase cookbook with local recipes in it while there. I wanted the ability to create some of the dishes that I had eaten while there after going back home.