I Guess That Other Men Are Really Jealous of Me

I met Kelly when we were both going to college and I always knew that she was really smart. In fact before I met her I thought that I was really smart too, but in relative terms I quickly realized that she was on an entirely different plane. By then she was already making enough money to get out of debt using a bitcoin trader app and some money she borrowed using her future earnings as collateral. There were bankers who knew by then that she was going to make a whole lot of money. She paid that money back without blinking an eye. I was baffled by the entire scheme, especially when she turned around and borrowed an even larger sum immediately. In fact the rate that she was paying for the loan was tiny compared to the profits she was getting off the bets that she made.

When she graduated from college there were recruiters from tech companies eager to throw money at her and I was sort of surprised that she did not leave me behind. Instead she got them to pay off a bunch of my college debt, which was a really substantial amount. Being really smart she figured out how they could do as charity, in fact it was all completely legal and they ended up writing it off their taxes. When I graduated a semester later she had already found me a job. This is obviously the sort of girl that you marry as quickly as you can, especially when she has every other attribute a man might want in a woman. I quickly realized that all the men she worked with just openly hated me and I could not help enjoying it. It is a strange feeling to feel like you have won such a big thing.