I Get to Watch My Favorite Programs from Back Home Now

When I decided to move to this country, I did so because I wanted to be near my son, his wife and my grandchildren. Separately I wanted to have a better life than I did in my home country. After I moved here, I found myself missing TV programming from back home, though. My son solved this by going to https://www.cablehdtvs.com to buy a little machine for me that allows me to watch the very same programming that I used to watch daily in my home country. I had no idea this was possible, but getting to watch all the things that I watched for years has given me a little bit of comfort while I settle into my new life here.

When I lived in Mexico, I lived a pretty simple life. My husband is no longer alive, so I had to rely on my own life skills to get by each day. My son moved to the US over 10 years ago and became citizen here. I was not sure if I wanted to move here back then, so I stayed behind. After some time, my son met a great woman and they married and had children together. I knew they were all living well, but I was still reluctant to follow him right away. Over time, I realized that I wanted to move to be closer to him.

When I finally moved here, my son and his wife were gracious enough to let me move into their home. I have enjoyed my time with them. I do have a pretty good grasp of English, and I do watch some of the same shows they like to watch. However, I missed watching my daily soap operas and talk shows from my home country. My daughter-in-law learned that I would search online with my computer to watch what I could, but then she told me that there’s an easier way to watch with my TV. My son purchased the TV box that I needed, then he set it up for me when it arrived, and it has worked really well.