I Felt Better After the Spinal Adjustments

When my wife suggested that I see a chiropractor in Corte Madera, I really did fight the urge for about three days. I am not the type of guy to go running to a doctor when I don’t feel good. Every single time I have been under the weather, I have been able to bounce right back. I figured this time would be no different, but I was definitely wrong in that. If anything, the pain in my lower back just continued to get worse with each passing day until I finally realized that this is one time that I should listen to her advice about doctors.

To be fair, my wife is not the type to go running to the doctors either when something goes wrong with her, but it was still irritating to hear that I needed to see a back doctor just because I slept wrong. Like I said though, the pain did not ease up at all, and I even tried a heating pad, an ice pack, and even my wife tried massaging it, but nothing took the pain away. She was actually worried that I might be making it worse by trying so many different things.

When I had an especially restless night, I knew I needed to make an appointment with the Corte Madera chiropractor that she wanted me to see. Thankfully, I was able to get in that day. They asked me if it was an emergency, and I explained I could wait but hopefully not too long. I was happy to go there that same day, and it was determined that my back was just not in proper alignment. I had an adjustment done that day, and I went back a few more times to have more done. Not only did that take the pain away, but I felt better than I did even before my back started hurting!