I Am Now a Personal Assistant

I started out looking for work at a movie studio, in fact at first I managed to get a few bit parts doing commercials and being in the background on a couple of TV shows. At some point there was this producer I met, although I had no clue that he was important. He looked like a normal guy, he was about thirty five and he was wearing worn out blue jeans and a t shirt with a big stain on it. He hired me and the first thing I did was drive a director to a Beverly Hills chiropractor. I found out pretty quickly why they had hired me without asking any questions. I could have been a mass murderer and they would not have known it and they may not have cared. This guy seems to have literally thrown his back out from yelling at other people. He was a real terror to deal with, but pretty soon I told him that I did not care about this job enough to put up with his crap.

Apparently this director did not like the fact that I threatened to turn his lights out, but they did not fire me for it. In fact they seemed astonished that I had not quit. Instead of getting rid of me they gave me a raise and said that I could punch him out any time I felt like it. I was not ever sure if that was a joke or not, but the next time the director started to yell at me I told him what the producer had said and I did not make it sound like it was a joke. Of course I need the job, but there is a limit to how much screaming I am going to take from anyone who is not a beautiful girl.