I Am Getting Ready to Move

I had been looking around for some time, mostly because I wanted a place that is closer to the office so that I would not need to spend so much of my time commuting back and forth to the financial districts of Singapore. Of course this place only works so long as I am sharing it with one of the people who work in the Bank of America building. I had no clue who he was when he came up to me, apparently someone we both knew had told him I was looking. I went to https://www.kleepers.com and tried to figure out how much they will charge me to clean up my place after I get all of my stuff moved out of it. Obviously I want to retrieve my security deposit, but the landlord here is pretty much like all of the others you ever met or heard about. They will hold onto that money unless there is not any way that they can get out of handing it back. Of course I simply do not have the time to do a good enough job myself, so this only makes sense.

The place could only be much better if it were in the same building, at least so far as location goes. It is small just like any other place would be if I could afford it, but there is just the one of me. I do not even have a girlfriend in the sense that she is currently in Manila and shall not be back for the foreseeable future. I would have probably found a place with her if she were available, but in fact the distance is probably going to be the end to it at any rate. So I have no need for much space at all.