Great Three Bedroom Apartment Living

Seaside Residences turned out to be a godsend for my wife and I after we learned that my father, who has been in decreasing health for several years, needed around the clock assistance and would thus have to move in with us. He was living in California and considered a nursing home, but I couldn’t allow it as I made a promise to my late mother that I would keep on eye on Dad. That meant we needed to upgrade from our current living arrangements, and we needed to do it in a hurry. A one bedroom apartment with three people wasn’t going to cut it.

We wanted a three bedroom apartment because we knew that Dad would need a lot of medical equipment to keep him going. Having an IV stand, a wheelchair, and a medical bed would not fit in a one bedroom apartment. I had horrible visions of one of us stepping on his oxygen tube. So that is why we looked into Seaside Residences. They had the room for all of us, and they also had a lot of other amenities that would help us take care of my father.

For example, our new apartment is very close to several transportation options that help us get Dad to his various doctor appointments. In this city I can’t tell you how important that one is. We can literally get him out the door and on a bus in a matter of minutes. Our three bedroom apartment is spacious and allows all of us to have our own space without running over one another every time we turn around. I’m so thankful to the building staff for allowing us to rent an apartment here because the other option, staying in the one bedroom, would have turned into a living nightmare.