Getting Physics Tutoring for a Company Promotion

I wanted to boost my own chances of improving my job situation. I needed to brush up on my sciences a bit in order to test for a higher position in the company I work for. I was competing with people fresh out of university, but I had experience and a good reputation at work on my side. I planned on acing the exam for the position, so I sought out Singapore physics tuition months before the testing began. I knew the department and the job. I was just afraid of how I would perform on the test not having the equations and principles of physics so fresh in my mind like I did just out of college when I got this job.

The test result had a certain percentage cutoff point that applicants needed to reach. It was a really tough test. So much so that everyone that takes it is surprised at the low scores they actually receive. Passing scores, but, nevertheless, low overall. I think the company has purposely designed this test to be like that in order to knock applicants down a peg to let them know there is still a lot to learn. I wanted to break out of that and be the first person to get a high score. I studied until I felt like my eyeballs were going to fall out of my head.

On the day of the test I was surprisingly calm. I knew that I would pass, but I really wanted to get a record high score. The test has been redesigned over the years to keep applicants from getting high scores. Because of my Singapore physics tuition, I got the highest score ever for the applicant testing. I was actually investigated to be certain there was no cheating. The company wanted to be sure their test had not been compromised by an insider, and I do work for the company. Once they were comfortable it was legitimate, I got a job that was even one level higher than I expected.