Getting Help Really Opened My Eyes About What else Was Going on with Me

I’d noticed that people talk about many different Camas chiropractors over the years, yet I’d never bothered to go see one for no particular reason other than I forget to do a lot of things. When I started having trouble with my back, I overheard someone during my morning commute on the bus talking about chiropractors. I suddenly paid attention. I typically try not to eavesdrop when it comes to conversations on the bus, but it was a very interesting conversation. I apologize for butting into her conversation, and I asked her more. She said that she had been going to for chiropractic care for about 5 years and she gave me the contact info so that I could make an appointment, too.

I’ve always known that I’m not like other people. I’m intelligent, but I don’t get things done like everyone else. I’m incredibly forgetful, and no matter how hard I have tried to break that habit on my own, it has continued on. It affects me in so many ways, and it also brings about a ton of stress. I have read studies that point out that stress doesn’t just affect us mentally. It also affects us physically. Stress affects our back and neck. It affects our stomachs. It even causes headaches. I knew this is why I was always in such pain. That pain added to my stress.

When I go see my regular doctor, he seems so eager to get me in and out of his office quickly. He doesn’t really seem to listen all that well. When I went to the chiropractor, the opposite occurred. She listened intently, and she asked me a lot of questions. She sat down and workws out a treatment plan, and she told me that she also thought it would be a good idea if I get checked for ADD because I struggle with so many things. I go back to her all the time now for her helpful insight as well as back care.