Getting an Overall Fit Look by Building Up Your Leg Muscles Too

I used to have a gym membership. I kind of got tired of seeing all these guys coming in just to work on their arms. They would have bulging arms, bellies and skinny legs. If they did do some core training and leg training, they almost always had weak and skinny calves. I was taking some time to teach people how to strengthen calves for an overall better physique, but it was a lost cause for many of the casual weightlifters. They just wanted to work on their “guns.” You probably know guys like that. You will see them wearing cutoff tee shirts. They just have to get a tattoo or two to call attention to their arms too. Well, when you see these guys, take a look at their abs and their calves. If they have an overall muscle development that looks proportional, then they are serious about it. If all they do is flex their arms, they are not.

You can spot the amateurs. They will take advantage of every occasion they can to flex their biceps and triceps. They will lean back with their arms over their heads and flex. They will grab their biceps at odd times and flex. They cannot resist the urge to feel their own muscles. It is really kind of humorous if you just observe them. Make a comment about their skinny legs or pot bellies. That should get them going! To each his own when it comes to fitness. However, I think if you are going to invest the time to come into the gyms five or six times a week, then you should take advantage of the equipment and get a full body workout.

I work my legs on alternating days. I have spent a lot of time learning how to strengthen calves. It is an interesting muscle group to develop. You need to do it the right way to get that proper fit look. If you have built up your upper body and walk around on stick legs, you will look funny. There are even professional athletes that have underdeveloped calf and other leg muscles while having big biceps and triceps. Balance is better.