DWI Lawyer Invaluable when Traveling out of State

My friend Amy and I had traveled New York for a college friend’s wedding. We were both enlisted as bridesmaids and because we had already spent many hundreds of dollars on dresses, we opted to drive ourselves to save a little money on travel expenses. Unfortunately, that decision was headed toward disastrous after Any got pulled over by the police and charged with driving while intoxicated. I quickly began the search for a dwi lawyer in Albany NY as I watched Amy get taken to the police department.

The whole situation was ridiculous. We had managed to find our hotel and get unpacked on the Friday before the Saturday wedding would take place. We stopped in and saw our friend, the bride-to-be, and while she was frantically spending the day before her big event taking care of last minute details, Amy and I went out to explore Albany. During the course of the day we stopped at a cute little bistro type restaurant and had two glasses of wine with our mid-afternoon meal. We shopped and walked for at least an hour to ninety minutes after that meal and wine before getting into Amy’s car to head back to our hotel.

Within ten minutes of getting into the car, Amy had been pulled over and charged with suspicion of driving while intoxicated. As far as I could tell, she had passed the field sobriety tests and was only laughing out of nervousness. That seemed to irritate the officer who claimed he could smell alcohol on Amy’s breath and made some comment about her eyes that I didn’t hear clearly. I know Amy wears contact lenses and they often irritate her eyes after extended wear and heard her trying to explain that to the officer, but as soon as she admitted to having two glasses of wine with our meal, that was it. She was placed under arrest and I urged her to no longer volunteer information until we could get a hold of an attorney.