Don’t Judge a Person or Floor by It’s Looks

Finding flooring in Singapore is not a chore at all. There are so many different options that it can be overwhelming to know what to pick. Ultimately, you need to find a sales person who will understands your needs and wants in a floor and combine that with how much usage the flooring will get through traffic on the carpet and any other considerations like pets or children. I was lucky to find someone who helped me pick vinyl flooring in Singapore that suited my needs and my lifestyle.

Tank, his nickname for being a bigger guy, was my flooring master. As soon as I met him, I was intimated by him. He was a large man with a deep voice but talked so positively about all the flooring types. We sat down at his desk and he told me about the flooring options. When I told him I what look I was going for, something that looked like a wood flooring, he said “Do you mind if we go over your habits in the home?” I asked what he meant. I had no idea that a personality test of sorts was going to lead him to picking the best option for me.

He started by asking how often do I go into different rooms, am I a roamer pretty much. Do I have kids or pets or do I have friends who have kids or pets that they bring over? Am I clumsy? Things like that. After my assessment, he asked me “What do you think about vinyl flooring?” and I told him I didn’t like it because it looked cheap. He told me “Are you thinking of the older style vinyl? Lemme show you something.” While he was digging around in his desk, he was telling me that they make vinyl now that looks like a real hardwood floor. Then he pulled out two photos and told me “Pick the vinyl flooring.” One looked cheaper than the other one so I picked that one. He said “That is real wood flooring.” I was floored (no pun intended) and then asked to see some samples.

Vinyl ended up being the best choice for me due to the easy clean up and because of my walking around the house a lot. Tank was a legit lifesaver and looked out for my best interests. He didn’t have to do that, he could have just sold to me to make a commission, but I am thankful he didn’t!