Dealing with the Deadly Sickness

I used to work for a company that would tear down old properties to make way for new ones. A lot of these properties were built more than 30 years ago, which means that many of them had materials that were no longer used in construction, such as asbestos. Because of my continued exposure to asbestos while tearing down these properties, I began to suffer from mesothelioma. In order to treat the growth on my lungs, I had to go through a rough treatment process that was quite expensive. The upside to my condition is that the mesothelioma payouts took care of my medical bills.

Many other people been diagnosed with mesothelioma, including some of the people who worked with me. I was lucky to survive the mesothelioma due to the treatment I received, but other weren’t so lucky. I’ve been to a few funerals for my own co-workers, and it hurts to even think about. For years we worked our jobs, doing our best to support our families, and things just take a turn for the worse for us. My family was scared of losing me, and I though that there was a possibility that I would not make it. I was already making out my will.

Since having treatment, I’m doing better, and the growth on my lungs is gone, but I’m still not up to full strength. I have a long road of recovery ahead of me, and I think that it will continue to be tough for me and my family, but as long as I’m alive, I’ll continue to fight for them, and for those who have also been the victims of mesothelioma. There are more people out there who could use help, and I think having a support group would be a good idea for them.