Dates Are a Great Natural Laxative

The first time I ate a date, I didn’t really care for it. That was when I was a teenager though and wanted mostly sugar and salty treats. As I got older and started to appreciate more fruits, I decided to see what the health benefits of dates are. One of the reasons why I wanted to try them is because I heard that they are really helpful for people who suffer from constipation. That is an embarrassing problem that I don’t share with many people, so I wanted to find out if it was true by looking online.

What I read about dates being equivalent to laxatives was exactly what I found out. Instead of relying on chemicals though to help me go to the bathroom, I discovered the natural way is just by eating a few dates. One of the things I read on this one site that had a lot of information about dates was what to do if you really need a strong laxative. All I did was put a couple of dates in some really cold water and let them soak in overnight. The next morning, I ate them as I drank another glass of cold water. It was better than any laxative I have purchased in a store!

There are other benefits to eating dates too. They are extremely good for a person’s heart. I used to have high cholesterol, but eating dates on a regular basis has helped me to lower it to where my doctor is encouraged with my progress. Though I don’t have allergies and I doubt I will ever be pregnant, I read where dates have amazing health benefits in these two areas as well. Needless to say, I am really happy with how much they have helped me, and I plan on eating them for a long time to come!