Canada Geese Can Be Unsanitary

I don’t mind birds at all. In fact, I think they can be very calming and peaceful. I love sitting on my deck in the mornings and listening to the various songs the birds sing to whoever is listening. My appreciation of them dwindled a bit last year though, at least for Canada geese. I own a small company that has three buildings on two acres of land. I ended up having to call a company out that handles Canada geese control in NJ and NY states. I did not want to hurt the birds, but they were becoming a problem for my business and I had to do something about it.

The reason I chose this particular company is because of their reputation. I had looked online at a few different companies, and I just liked the testimonials I read about this company the most. They are very humane in their treatment of the birds and do not harm them in any way. They do have to make it rough for the birds though so they will not want to keep roosting around the area. The main problem areas for me were the sidewalks and parking areas for employees and visitors.

There is nothing more unattractive than geese excrement all over the place. When you counter in the fact that Canada geese can have up to three pounds of waste a day, that becomes very unsightly as well as unsanitary. This company put spikes on the roof ledges since that is where the birds were roosting, and they also used nets along the roof too. It is a very effective solution because we have not had any trouble since this was done. Now I can go back to enjoying the songs of the birds in the morning now that I am not frustrated by Canada geese now.