An Unexpected Blast of Cold Air

It’s been a long winter, and it seemed as if there wouldn’t be a spring at all. When the seasons changed, I expected to experience some warmer weather, and I was looking forward to it, because my heater was malfunctioning. Unfortunately, the cold temperatures decided to stay around a bit longer. Not wanting to be stuck with the cold air, I used some of my savings to pay for HVAC repair for Brooklyn. I was planning on waiting until the next year to get the HVAC system repaired, but the weather forced my hand.

While I had the unfortunate problem of dipping into my savings sooner than I wanted, at least I was able to relax in my home with a functioning heater that could keep me warm. Although I think having warmer temperatures is a good thing, I’m sure that I’ll be singing a different tune once the summer weather comes. I hate the intense heat about as much as I hate the intense cold, and in Brooklyn, the summer heat really bears down on you. Sometimes it feels as if I’m living on the surface of the sun when I’m sitting in my home during the summer. The only saving grace is having an air conditioner that works, but I can’t let it run all day because I want to save money on energy costs.

Last year’s summer was a pretty hot summer, and I hope that this year will be a little bit cooler, but it probably won’t be. At least I won’t have to worry about the winter until a few months from now. The repairs that were done to my HVAC should last a long time, but my system is pretty old, and eventually I’ll have to get it replaced for something a little more modern.