Always Have a Well Thought out Idea

There are a lot of steps in mobile app development. Knowing the type of app content is just the simplest part of the creation. You also need to know what type of app, how do you want it presented, what design elements do you want, and other things to decide. Business apps are not the same as shopping apps and gaming apps are different from entertainment apps. It is a lot to take in!

I was looking to have an app developed for my brand. As an influencer, I wanted something that was simple but nice looking. I had a layout design in mind but that was it. So when I met with Mike, an app developer, I showed him the design and he looked at it and asked “Is that all you want?” Little did I know, that’s not enough for an app!

Mike started off my asking me what I wanted to do with the site. Was is for my business, was I going to sell things through it? Was I going to use it as a social media hub? What would make it unique? I just said I wanted it to be like my website and basically a catch all. He told me that wouldn’t work, if my site was mobile friendly then what would stop people from just going to my site for the same content. He told me I needed to make the app something special, something unique.

After a few hours, we came up with a special social media hub. It would include all my social media in one place. Along with that, it would be a social hub for others who are supporters of me. It is an easy layout that anyone can use it right off the bat and it was perfect for me to be able to really communicate with people as well. What makes this special is a chat feature on the app, so people from all over and talk to each other. I even popped in every few days to chat and connect with people!

The app was a hit from the beginning! People loved the design and people loved being able to connect with people through it. I am thinking about further expanding on the app and making different chat rooms for people. It’s an idea that is very 1990s, but I think it would be really neat.