A Unique Wedding Favor for Our Big Day

I wanted a really unique favor for my wedding a few months ago. It was easy selecting the cake, the caterer, the DJ, and even the bouquets. I had a harder time with the wedding favors though because the ones I liked were either expensive or really overdone. One of the things I love to do is garden, and my cousin asked me if I had considered having flower seed packets wedding favors. I was really not sure what that was, so she tried to explain it to me as best as she could.

I knew that I would get a better idea if I just went online and found out more myself, so that is what I did. I was able to find a company that really impressed me too. Since the wedding favor is supposed to be a reflection of the ones getting married, I could not think of any other favor that would be better! There were quite a few different favors, and the prices were very reasonable. I decided to go with the ones that were the most colorful, which are the Gerber Daisy wedding favors.

I actually had a lot of Gerber Daisies in my own bridal bouquet, so it was a nice complement to that. I was able to have pink, orange, blue, yellow and other colors. There is a large printed picture of the daisy on the front of the package along with our names and our wedding date below it in a script font. I knew then that I was going to have Gerber Daisy centerpieces too so everything would follow the same theme. When I showed it to my fiance, he thought that it was a great idea, because it was something that everyone would expect at our wedding because of my passion for gardening!