A Luxury Apartment That Allows Pets

I didn’t even think to look at luxury apartments in Towson MD when I needed a new place to live. My wife and I have two young daughter and two dogs, so we thought we would end up finding an apartment that is not typically described as luxurious. I have a good friend who knew that we were looking for a new place to move, and she is the one who actually told me to look at Rodgers Forge, which is a really nice place to live, though I did not know it at the time.

She assured me that I would be happy with what I saw there, and she was not wrong. The first thing I did was make sure there was a policy in place allowing pets. There was no way we were going to split up our family, but that turned out to be something we did not have to worry about. They allow pets, and they even have a really nice set up for both pets and children outside. There is a nice outdoor play area for the kids, and the dogs have their own fenced in bark park, complete with obstacles and toys.

There are things for my wife and I too, including a fitness center and swimming pool. Our apartment is the really impressive part of all this. The girls each have their own room along with a nice closet. There is a bathroom that they share right next to the laundry room, which is just across the hall from their bedrooms. My wife and I have a slightly bigger bedroom with our own mater bath. The living room and kitchen are on the other side, along with a very large dining room. I am so glad my friend recommended this amazing apartment to us!